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Shleme Power is a professional manufacturer specializing in various light towers. The company was established in 2010. At present, we have nearly 100 employees. The factory covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters. Our main products include tripod LED balloon light tower, hand-push mobile light tower, trailer light tower, etc. With continuous innovation and continuous development of the company, our product types and power are constantly increasing.

At the same time, our company's philosophy is eco-friendly, energy-saving, and bright lighting. Our factory has passed CE, UL, RoHS SAA and TUV certification. Our main operating markets include Australia, South America, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. We have more than 20 years of export trade experience, so we can completely solve any requirements or design just according to customer needs.

Shleme power company provides complete service and sincere welcome for every customer!

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