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Temporary & Mobile Light Tower for Construcion Site

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    Proper lighting is vital for safety and efficiency in our workplaces. This is especially critical when working in areas with inadequate natural lighting. The construction industry is one of the industries that require proper lighting at all times. This is aimed at providing safe working conditions and limit the number of accidents that may occur due to insufficient lighting. As some activities in a construction site, as well as the general movement, may be hazardous in darkness, artificial lighting should be highly considered. This is especially common in projects involving heavy machinery, vehicles and various professionals in this industry.

    The completion of a construction project depends on the strict adherence to the set-out schedule. This schedule may involve activities carried out throughout the day and late into the night. Some projects will even demand continuous working for 24 hours in a day. When construction activities proceed throughout the night, adequate lighting is mandatory. Not only does good quality lighting minimize trips and falls, but it also influences the well-being, performance, and motivation of construction workers. This will easily eliminate fatigue and eye strain among the workers ensuring that a project is completed in time.

    There are several lighting solutions tailored to the construction industry. The best solution is temporary, mobile light towers. This article is dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the suitability and effectiveness of temporary, mobile light towers for construction projects.


Why a Mobile Light Tower is Best for Construction Site

    Mobile light towers are portable light sources for construction sites. This is an independent light source comprising of an array of powerful lights that are mounted on a mast. The mast is hoisted on chassis which powers it and provides the mobility capabilities. In most cases, light towers are powered by gas or diesel generators thus complete independence. This ensures that the lights won’t go off in case of power outages.

    Temporary, mobile light towers are suitable for all construction projects. This includes projects that are off the grid. Road construction, dam construction and even building construction projects in rural areas will be sufficiently lit by mobile light towers. The key reason for the suitability of this lighting solution is the mobility capabilities. This means that when lighting is required in another part of the project, it will be easy to dismantle the setup, transport it to the location and mount it for lighting. This is unavailable when using fixed lighting solutions. Portable lighting may also be used as an emergency lighting solution. This proves useful when some construction activities run late into the night when this is unplanned for.

    Tower lights are known to provide powerful constant lighting while illuminating huge areas. Most often than not, several fixed lights will be used on a site. Using several lights sources may lead to inconsistent lighting, glares and haphazard shadows. This is completely eliminated when a portable light tower is introduced. Most building projects will also utilize a single light tower thus consistent lighting and zero glares.

Pros of Using Portable Light Towers

1. Quick movability and mobility

    Mobile light towers can be easily moved along a road construction project or to various parts of a building site. This all courtesy to their mobile and temporary nature. Most mobile tower lights are mounted on highway capable chassis that can be pulled by a small pickup truck. Its mobility ensures that lighting is provided in the areas required regardless of the location of the light tower. When required, it will be easily delivered thus a perfect lighting solution.

2. Promotes a high quality of work done.

    The quality of work done reduces as lighting conditions deteriorate. This also contributes to fatigue and eye strain which may undermine the health of construction workers. Providing adequate lighting especially at night will ensure that quality and consistency is maintained. This is critical as a construction project must maintain the set quality standards to avoid future risks, breakdowns, and accidents.

3. Reduced accidents on sites

    Trespassers and vehicle collisions account for most accidents on site. This is attributed to insufficient lighting on a building site. Shadows and flickering lights cause visual discomfort thus loss of concentration. This leads to vehicle collisions that may lead to fatal accidents. Construction vehicles and other moving equipment may also knock down construction workers who are caught unawares. Using mobile light towers will, therefore, reduces the occurrence of these accidents.

4. Light provision for long hours

    High capacity generators are used to run the light towers. This ensures that sufficient light is provided as long as it is required. These light towers will easily provide light throughout the night and during the day as required. This is also advantageous as cases of crime and pilferage in a site are kept to the minimum in well-lit construction sites.

5. Provides light in confined spaces

    Poor natural lighting is a common problem in confined spaces. This is especially aligned to huge construction projects comprising of multiple levels. The lower levels will constantly require artificial lighting thus portable light towers will come in handy. These are advantageous as one light tower can illuminate several levels requiring artificial lighting.

Cons & Limitations

1. High upfront costs

    Acquiring portable light towers can set back a contractor a huge amount of money. Although it’s a worthy investment, this may be an expensive item to acquire. When a contractor only requires artificial lighting for a short period of time, the high upfront costs may discourage the purchase of this item. For such projects, hiring this equipment for the required period will be appropriate.

2. Negative environmental impacts

    Most portable light towers are powered by gasoline or diesel. These fuels produce high levels of carbon and other substances that are harmful to the environment. When used in projects spanning several months or years, negative environmental impacts will be easily noted.

3. May generate heat when used in confined spaces

    Some light fixtures will dissipate heat to surrounding spaces. Heating will also be contributed to by the running generator. When used in constrained spaces, this heat may lead to unbearable working conditions. This can, however, be countered by the use of battery-powered light towers utilizing LED lights.


    It is invaluable to illuminate construction working areas. There are many benefits that you will reap by using temporary and mobile light towers to light up these areas. This vital equipment will ensure safety and personal health to your workers and guarantee project completion within the stipulated period. This will lead to successful building projects and ultimately happy and satisfied clients.

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