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What is the Best Mobile Light Tower?

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    There are a lot of considerations you should put in place when choosing mobile lighting towers that will best fit your needs. This is right from the height of the towers you intend to choose, fuel capacity, output and many more. It’s the responsibility of any employer to ensure that their workers work in a safe and well-lit environment.

    There is also a need to being a particular performance right from the lighting equipment depending on the size workforce required at the job site and largely the area itself. While out there looking for the best mobile lighting towers, you will come across many of them. Choosing the one that will work best for you will become a challenge. Having some factors in mind to guide you, nothing can be such a problem. Herein are factors to consider when choosing the best mobile lighting tower.


1. The height of the mobile lighting tower

    All these lighting towers function without extending lights or legs. But then, depending on the area you’re working, there might be a need for an extension of light. Different models have different leg and poles measurements; you have got a chance to choose right from the standard, XT all the way to the Hi-Lite heights. You will choose the right one depending on the job site you are working at.

2. Fuel capacity

    This is another important feature to have in mind when choosing a mobile lighting tower that will fit your needs. You will find out that many worksites are in remote locations and large in size. So, these light towers need to be placed in areas that are hard to access. For this reason, considering the one with a larger fuel capacity can be important. It is because they will help reduce the number of times the filling trucks service them. Opting the one with up to 100 gallons capacity can be best for you. Larger fuel capacity is also important as these lighting towers will operate for extended periods till they are refueled again.

3. Light output

    This will greatly provide such a safe work environment and there is also a need for these lighting towers to be closely monitored to ensure safety to people in and around the job site.

4. Tilting angle devices

    Take an instance light shined in one’s eye; most probably it will result in glare. To avoid problems like these, there is a need to have in place angle setting products to avoid direct light usage. You can also opt for visor shields to help you create a shield of some light as they also provide adequate job site light illumination.

5. The outriggers and winch

    These are heavily used light tower features. The work site should be set up well for success by the use of proper teardown and set up a piece of equipment. You will find other products designed having in mind the users at large. This means that winch placement is something off from the real lighting tower.

    These are some important considerations to have in mind to settle for the right mobile lighting tower that will fit your needs.

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