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LED Balloon Lights [Construction, Sports, Filming Mobile Light Tower]

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    Balloon light is a special type of light which is mainly used for lighting for a temporary reason. It is used for several purposes. These lights or the luminaires consist of one or more lamps with high-intensity lights. Here the light is located in the balloon and the balloon acts a diffuser. The balloon helps to soften the light and disperse it equally. Often, the upper portion of the balloon comes with an inner coating which reflective in nature. This helps to direct most of the light in the downward direction. These balloons are blown mainly by the commercial blowers. They are generally mounted to a mobile light tower. Besides that, this balloon is mainly used for commercial and industrial purposes.


Applications of balloon light on mobile tower

The balloon lights are used in various ways. They are used on mobile towers so that they can be carried from one place to another easily. Here are some of the applications of the balloon lights:

1. Construction site

These lights are widely used in various construction sites to provide plenty of lights for clear vision. It causes no eye fatigue or strain as the light is properly diffused. The light radiated from the balloon is evenly distributed providing bright light with no blind spots or dark spots. Light is very essential for construction sites as the workers have to deal with many heavy, hazardous and delicate objects. Even distribution of adequate light makes it easier for the workers to see clearly.

2. Outdoor filming

Whether you are filming a movie sequence outdoor or a commercial ad sequence, you will definitely need the proper amount of light. Without adequate light, the video may look very dull or dark. Thus, the balloon light is used widely for outdoor shooting or filming. It is not only used during the night time but also during the day time to provide the much-needed lighting on the objects or the persons.

3. Sports field

Outdoor sports like golf or football are often played at the night time. You will know that it is not possible to play the games if you do not have proper lighting everywhere. Thus, it is very important to use the portable mobile lights that can be used for producing adequate lights. These balloon lights are used for this reason on the mobile towers in the football field or in golf course. As they produce bright light, it can light up the entire course or field perfectly for you to play the game without any problem.

4. Backyard

People often use these balloon lights in their backyard too. Backyards can be a great place for relaxation and having amazing time with friends and family. You cannot leave the backyard dark. Balloon lights are the best way to add adequate lights to your backyard whenever you want. These are not something permanent and you can add them for special occasions too. Besides being highly functional, these lights can also add to the aesthetic beauty of your backyard. With an even and soft light dispersed throughout the backyard, it will look very pretty.

Why LED is better light source for balloon lights?

LED lights are always the best option when it comes to the most efficient and best light source for the balloon light. There are many advantages of the LED lights over other types of lights. These are:

1. Energy efficiency

LED lights are way more efficient than that of the other traditional lights. These lights are 80% more efficient than that of the incandescent lights or the fluorescent lights. The LED lights convert 95% of the energy to light and only 5% of it is wasted to produce heat. Light in weight: LED lights are also quite light in weight. Hence, it is extremely easy to carry from one place to another. When the balloon lights have LED lights, they become quite light in weight and can be easily mounted to a mobile tower

2. Great for environment

The LED lights do not contain any toxic elements or materials in it. Hence, they are great for the environment. No matter how long you use them, they do not eliminate any toxic elements that can contaminate the environment. Thus, it is always better to use LED lights in the balloon lights if you really want to take a step forward to protect your environment.

3. Better life span

Of course, LED lights come with a better lifespan than that of the other lights. They can last up to 6 times longer than other lights. Hence, the LED lights are always the best choice when it comes to choosing the best quality light.

4. Brighter light

You need a balloon light to ensure that the environment is properly illuminated and lighted. The LED lights provide bright light which can illuminate the entire surroundings properly.

Pros & Cons of balloon lights

These balloon lights are highly functional and useful for many purposes. Definitely you will need these lights to ensure that you are getting right amount of light in the dark areas. Though these lights are highly functional, you must consider both the pros and cons before buying them.


  • Portable in nature so that you can carry it anywhere you want

  • User friendly lights with simple operation and usage

  • Can be used for various reasons and purposes (as mentioned above)

  • Can be used for professional reasons like construction, gaming and filming

  • Perfect for decorating purpose for your backyard, lawn or anywhere

  • Highly durable in nature and you do not have to worry about its longevity

  • Disperse light quite evenly and beautifully


  • More expensive than traditional light tower

  • More complex parts


So, this is all about the balloon light that you can use for different reasons. The application of these lights may vary from one purpose to another. It can provide sufficient amount of light to different areas without being too bright for the eyes. If you are looking for a perfect temporary solution to light up any dark area, then this is the best way. Since they are portable in nature, you can install it anywhere you want. In case you want to change the position, you can do that also as they are quite light in weight.

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